February 25, 2013

What are you depositing in your "Spiritual Piggy Bank"?

There are so many people today dealing with so much from health issues, struggling marriages/relationships, financial bondage, jobs/careers, family crises, etc.  What we all fail to realize is that Satan is on his job to "only steal, kill, and destroy" but what does the rest of the scripture John 10:10 state? Jesus came so that you "may have life and more abundantly."

So I'm asking you today, "What are you depositing in your 'Spiritual Piggy Bank' in order to receive the abundance of God?  In the picture below, are you depositing change only or are you putting in some green?
Remember that you will only get out of the word what you are willing to put in!  Let me clarify, it is nothing wrong with putting change in a piggy bank and over time you will see growth, but do realize that if you start adding bigger amounts ("some green") you will see growth quicker!

So I encourage each of you to start spending more time ("some green") meditating and pondering on God's Word.  You will begin to see the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) and spiritual growth!  We have to learn how to fight these worldly circumstances not with physical weapons but with spiritual weapons: God's Word, Praise, and Prayer! When you do so, you will start to see God's abundance because his word promised it!

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