June 15, 2013

So Why Support Chamel's Creations?

Chamel's Creations::Supporting Chamel's Creations
Good question right?  So the most obvious answer is that I would love for you to purchase a product to help support a handmade business and acquire a product that has been made from love from start to finish.  This statement is very true; however, I wanted to share that my heart's desire and mission of my business is to promote God's Word through my creative talents that were given to me. 

As consumers, majority of the time we purchase items based on how they make us feel.  So I took some time to think about what feeling I wanted to portray through my products.  My goal is to create fun, unique, and trendy products that allow individuals to share their faith.  I figured we can express ourselves and build God's kingdom all at the same time!  I love how God has guided me with the vision of my Sequoia Collection...empowering, inspiring, and encouraging others through spiritual and colorful designs.  This collection makes the statement that God is first and His Word is everlasting!

I want my customers to walk away with the feeling of having a product that enlightens and lifts spirits.  Just a simple glimpse of a scripture can change an attitude, atmosphere, or someone's heart.  I pray daily that if only one product changes someone's life....I have fulfilled my purpose.  
Thank you in advance for browsing my SHOP, supporting Chamel's Creations, and spreading the word. Please help me to grow in my business and enjoy 10% off your order by filling out the short feedback questionnaire here. (Provide email in comment area -  required to receive coupon...thanks)
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