May 31, 2013

Frugal Fashion Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!  I pray that you all are having a fantastic Friday and I'm here to share my favorite outfit for Frugal Fashion Friday!  One of my favorite colors is coral and I love that I was able to find this great shirt at Oldnavy.  I loved this shirt when I first saw it advertised on Oldnavy's website but it was regular price.  So being the frugal person I am (LOL), I kept watching the shirt in the stores and finally caught it on the clearance rack!  Super excited about my savings and the cuteness of this shirt. I hope you like my outfit and I look forward to sharing more outfits!  

Chamel's Creations:: Frugal Fashion Fridays

Outfit :: Complete outfit.. from Oldnay clearance rack! Yes...I like Oldnavy! :)'
Jewelry :: Necklace and earings from Body Central
Hair ::  Created a half flat twist on the side gathered to curly puff.  Accented front of my face with four mini twist.


  1. Love the outfit and you are totally rocking it. And love finding something that I would love to buy on clearance, but possibly couldn't afford otherwise. Great job and you look beautiful!! :)