May 27, 2013

Sequoia Sentiments #2::Matt. 19:26

Chamel's Creations::Matthew19:26
This week's Sequoia sentiment is Matthew 19:26:
Chamel's Creations::Matthew19:26
I love the fact that this scripture reveals the magnitude of God's power!  If we truly believe and tap into that same power which he gave to us, we are unstoppable!  God's word clearly shows that in the natural things or circumstances may look or seem impossible.  But my God.......when he sent his ONLY begotten son to die for our sins, we are granted all the blessings and greatness that he has in store for us!  Realize that the Bible didn't say we wouldn't go through test and trials; however, when we keep our eyes on God and not our circumstances we allow him to move on our behalf and in his time!  No matter how your past or current circumstances look, remember that ALL THINGS are possible through God!
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