April 7, 2013

{Serve} it Forward!

Have you heard of the concept "pay it forward"?  Where you do a good deed out of an act of kindness for someone with the hope that he or she will do the same for someone else.  Well, I have always love the concept and was taught by my Christian parents that it is better to give than to receive and that God wants us to be cheerful givers.  Through my study of  God's word, I have found that I'm drawn to the concept of servanthood and how our life mission should be to love and serve others.

Chamel's Creations::Servanthood
The "{SERVE} it Forward" series will include acts of kindness by serving someone or others on a monthly basis.  How humbling this experience can be to walk like Christ... serve others and spread the gospel.  You truly don't know how much you are blessed until you serve or help others.  I invite you all on this journey and look forward to reading all the future comments in regards to how you've been a blessing to someone!


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