April 22, 2013

{THP} Week#3

Good Afternoon Ladies,

We are down to our last week of our challenge!  Thus far, it has been an awesome ride and Chantel and I are looking forward to an awesome and blessed week!  Let's all put it in high gear, and give God and our husbands our best!

"The kind of marriage I want is one in which we're both doing all we can to honor and love each other." Kathi Lipp

This week projects include:

  • Project#15::What Not to Wear
  • Project#16::It's Getting Hot in Here
  • Project#17::Playing Hooky
  • Project#18::Dinner's on Me
  • Project#19::The Service Here is Excellent
  • Project#20::Post-it Notes, Man's Greatest Invention
  • Project#21::Car Chases and Karate Chops
  • Bonus Project 3
Don't forget about the extra challenges to receive entries for the giveaway drawing.  Below you will find challenge #3, and we look forward to everyone's participation.

Challenge #3: (Complete task and receive 3rd entry for drawing)
To another married woman (family, friend, co-worker, etc.) share:

  • A word of encouragement
  • A project from this challenge
  • Link to this blog to receive weekly encouragements and upcoming studies/challenges (www.blog.chamelscreations.com)

**To receive entry, please complete this task via facebook and tag either or both Chantel Jones or Chamel Evans to the post/message or via email and cc/bcc chantelmjones@yahoo.com.

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  1. Ladies...I know you all haven't commented b/c ya'll are too busy blessing your husbands this week! :)' I pray that all is going well! Have you completed Challenge #3 for your entry in giveaway? Don't forget because we will be selecting a winner next week!

    My current status/results:
    [4.22.13] So I continued to encourage Marcus through text messages and voice mails to let him know that I was thinking about him and to encourage him to keep pressing through all circumstances! I also flirted with him when he got home and while he was showering to let him know that "ALL EYES WERE ON HIM" (my eyes...lol) He really enjoyed it and you can tell in his attitude change! Ding!

    [4.23.13]I had fun going overboard because I wanted to bless my husband with my best! I completed my project #12 from last week by letting Marcus know all the greatness he has. I expressed my feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation through a letter and stuck it in his shirt pocket. I also completed project#11 by releasing a little of his stress of having to wake up in the morning to rush and iron clothes. I decided to ensure that all his clothes were ironed that he had everything he needed to get ready...few more minutes of sleep for him. He was very appreciative b/c he jumped up rushing and was quickly relaxed to see that it was already taken care of! Kuddos! Lastly, I completed project #20 this week by writing words of encouragements to him. I left a sticky note in his car letting him know that he was an amazing hubby and father and that we couldn't wait to see him back at home! I also went a step further and drew a nice picture frame on our bathroom mirror with words of encouragements and a list of all his greatness around the frame. He really loved the fact that as he saw himself in the frame, he reflected on his true worth! A man of God, loving husband and father, and a man ready to serve others! How awesome is that! I got home from working out, and he left me a heart shape frame on my side of the mirror with all the qualities he loves....isn't that sweet!

    Blessing in return because he lifted my spirit and...BONUS BABY!

    **Look forward to sharing more updates! Be blessed!

    1. Melly Mel you are on it my sista! I see you were able to incorporate your projects from last week. AWESOMENESS! I love the idea of writing on the mirror. I think I'm going to try that this week. ;-) Encouraging words go a LONG way for them. And look how your words influenced him to bless you! POW!

    2. Girl...that's how God works! Praise him, bless someone else, get blessed back! Amen!

  2. Hello Ladies,
    Some of week two projects had to been carry over into week 3 due to the facts that I had the entire family here and plus others at my home for the weekend. Furthermore, we know when Braylon is in town, He is the one that has Papa’s attention.
    Let me begin to say that some of these projects are beginning to have my husband wondering what is going on and plus he is “old school”.
    4/15 Project 9. When the weather is nice outside, my hubby will find a project to do outside. So today he was outside raking, burning leaves, etc. Normally, I am inside so today I decided to go out and help. We got a lot done and He told me that he appreciate me coming out to help.
    I knew the Evans’ gang were coming in on Wednesday night, I am like what am I going to do because after company leaves I will be exhausted. It worked in my favor. I got in two projects and the bonus on Tuesday. My hubby likes smothered chicken and rice (project 14). All I could hear is him singing (Its good) and a thank you. Afterward, he went and worked outside. I don’t know why because we had been out the day before working in the yard. This leave me to project 10, he came and thought he would take a shower alone but (sorry Chamel and Chantel).
    Sunday I let him know that I really appreciate him for what he does for me and the family.
    4/23 Today is project 11(stress) and project 8 (location). I run a daycare out my home and there may be a couple of days that I just leave things as they are. Today, I made it my business to have the rooms that are used for the kids were cleaned. I had a couple of candles burning. I could tell on his face that he was thinking I don’t see a pamper, toys or something stacked on the table. His dinner was ready. He had a meeting at church and he was back in time to watch NCSI: Los Angles. Normally, I want to watch LLCool J () but I stayed out and let him watch it alone (his me time). I took that hour to prepare for the next day.
    Now, I have completed week 2 now it is time to get on to week 3. Send me some ideas.
    You all take care and be blessed.

    1. Mom.....I see ya now....keeping on pressing b/c Glen won't know what hit him! I busted out in laughter for project 10. Don't make no more babies...LOL Seriously, I'm so proud of you for putting forth effort with this challenge. Getting out of your comfort zone is key. I will send over some ideas shortly!

    2. Oh gosh mom! Yes project 10. ;-) You and my daddy gonna have babies!!!! LOL I always wanted a little brother. I agree with Chamel, you are putting forth efforts that are blowing your husband's mind. Keep it up.

      *Freaky text messages ;-)
      *sticky notes really work
      *picnic in the house

    3. More ideas: sneak a note in his wallet or pants pockets! Leave him $5-$10 bucks for a snack through the day with a sweet note, and leave a water bottle in car with this note.."glen, here is some water....I know you are probably tired...b/c you have been running through my mind!" HA....good one...and corny...I know!

  3. Ladies...we are down to a few more days of our challenge! How is it going? I pray that all is well! Last challenge and entry for giveaway...

    Challenge #4: (Complete task and receive 4th entry for drawing)
    Please email Chantel (chantelmjones@yahoo.com) a pic of you and your hubby (and your address). It can be a wedding photo or a selection of your choice. We will not be sharing with anyone, social media, etc. It will be a great surprise for you! Look forward to your participation!

    **If possible, please complete all posts/updates by Sunday midnight! Giveaway will be announced Tuesday, April 30th! Love ya!

  4. Chamel, I am not to old to still get my groove on. How do you think you and Chantel got here?@ Chantel, can you use one of the picture you have of us. I will take a picture of a picture and text it to you. Too much electronic.

  5. Hey ladies! Sorry I'm late responding....this has been a weeeeeek!!! Whewww! Lol. Unfortuately I wasn't able to complete every task this week but got a few in nevertheless!

    Project 20: I already have post it notes around our room and bathroom that have words of encouragement and admiration for him. I wanted to do something different so Aaron actually helped me out by leaving his wallet at home and called me right before I was leaving the house for work and asked if I would grab it for him...he planned to pick it up from my job during his lunch break. I wrote on a sticky note "Have I told you that I love you today?...If not, I love you and thank you for being such an amazing husband and provider". I then placed it in his wallet so that when he opened it to pay for a purchase he would then see the note! He absolutely loved it and thanked me for the kind words!! 3 snapsss! lol

    Project 18: Aaron purchased me a George Foreman grill and it has been my best friend the past 2 weeks. I decided to cook him grilled salmon over a bead of rice along with zucchini/squash. It was DELICIOUS! I've been so much more consistent with my cooking and I can tell he's appreciative. On one of his days off this week, I came home from work and he already had prepped dinner....he cooked dinner on tuesday night and it was soooo good...actually better than mine! lol. Extra brownie points for AWed honeyyy! lol.

    1. LOVE the 2 snapssss!!!! LOL That's awesome. The sticky notes are definitely working. Can I get a plate? :-)

    2. Eb...look at you becoming a chef! Keep it up girl! I had a tough time getting all my projects in due to Marcus schedule, but I did what I could and old projects as well! It's about putting forth effort and I'm praying that everyone continues after the challenge!

  6. Project 16: I'm always giving Aaron words of admiration/encouragement. I spent alot of time this week just letting him know how handsome/sexy/fine he was to me! lol. I sent text messages as well as found ways throughout the day to whisper it in his ear. We're doing P90x together so I always find time during and at the end of our workouts to let him know just how HOTTT he is to me!! He was blushing from ear to ear! I always tell him that no other woman/man will ever be able to tell you something that you're wife hasn't already told you about yourself! :)

    Project 15: I don't really wear pajamas to bed...usually i'm just in under garments. I went to Victoria Secret and bought some new panties and also purchased some bras. It was already time to terminate some of mine anyway...can't have the granny panties! lol. I've been ensuring that I'm mindful of wearing really cute/sexy undies to bed. I had to cut things a little short with some of the sexiness though as mother nature took her course....I had to turn to the 'cycle undies'...lol. No super sexy undies while mother nature is doing her thang! lol. However, he's noticed the new undies and lets just say that he's always complimenting and touching! :)

    Project 19: I fixed a very nice breakfast (turkey bacon, turkey sausage, rice, eggs, cheese toast) and orange juice. He beat me out of bed so I wasn't able to serve it in bed but we did have a nice breakfast with wonderful conversation! He's loving the 'cooking' Eb! :)

    These were all of the projects I was able to get in this week; however, I do plan to take him to a nice restaurant this week as well as watch one of his favorite action movies! He's a movie fanatic so I know this will make his day! Also, mother nature is still taking her course so I wasn't able to go full out with the bonus project but no worries....will be getting plenty of those in here shortly! Lol.

    I really have enjoyed this challenge! I just thank God for continously changing me for the better! I'm not a perfect wife but I'm striving to be a better wife each day! I'm thankful that God has blessed me with wonderful sisters like you or strive to be the wives/women that he is calling us to be! I'm determined to continue this path of being a better Eb which ultimately spills over to ever other area of my life....like being a Godly Wife! I love you ladies! Let's please continue to hold each other accoutable and provide a positive support system! The devil can't stand when we stand firm in our faith! I look forward to continuing to make him mad! Love you ladies! :)

    1. Heyyyyyy Cooking EB! ;-) Look how much cooking you've done in just three week. Woot Woot go Eb!

    2. Eb...great to read the rest of your projects. Aaron is a blessed man and God is loving that you are giving Him and your hubby your best. I'm glad you enjoyed the challenge and it has truly been a blessing to share this journey with you wonderful woman!

  7. (4.22.13) Project #15

    Okay I tossed out my favorite black yoga pants that had a hole in them. The hole was VERY noticeable BUT I only wore them around the house. Hubby has mentioned SEVERAL times to PLEASE throw them away. They were too comfy. Well, this project was confirmation to get rid of them once and for all. I took a picture as proof that I threw them out. I did this on Tuesday of last week (4.16.13). He was super excited. I purchased 2 new pair from Old Navy. They were on sale. Woot Woot. **BONUS on this day**

    (4.23.13) Project #16

    We have been travelling since Monday. We are now in Flowood, MS. While he was driving I was telling him how sexy he looks in uniform with his Ray Bans on. Then I started rubbing on him until he told be to stop because he was getting “heated” LOL BONUS at the Holiday Inn Express. Boooooo Yahhhhhhhh!

    (4.24.13) Project #19

    Breakfast in bed. Since we’re still travelling. I got up before him, got breakfast, and served him in bed at our hotel. I also had the tv on ESPN. BONUS after breakfast! POW!

    (4.25.13) Project #17 (FINALLY back home…..very tired)

    I did the laundry and cleaned the house before he woke up. He played Call of Duty and took a nap (wifey did not bother him). BONUS after choir rehearsal. ;-)

    (4.26.13) Project #18 (HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSAY to us)

    His favorite restaurant is Raising Cane’s (chicken tender place) BUT we went to Longhorn Steak House for lunch. We decided to attend a church retreat for our 7th anniversary instead of going to Houston. BONUS, BONUS, BONUS!

    (4.27.13) Project #20

    I left a nice note in the notebook Thomas took to church this weekend to keep his notes from the sermons. I was looking at him from across the room and he was smiling from ear to ear. BONUS after church ;-)

    (4.28.13) Project #21

    We had movies and recorded shows to catch up on. Today has been a rainy day, so it was perfect to relax after church. DOUBLE BONUS before church! ;-)

    Ladies-taking this journey with you all has been awesome. I think I included Project #20 each day this week. He’s been working really hard and I just wanted to remind him I’m his #1 fan. What are your plans from here? Continue the projects? Another study? I would love to hear your ideas.

    1. Go head chantel with your "bonusing" self! LOL I'm so glad that you had an awesome week with Thomas...even with being on the road! I'm so proud of what God is doing in all of our lives. I pray that we all continue to implement these projects, share with others, and embark on a new study with one another! It's all about growing and sharing God's word and truth! Love you sis and this is just the beginning!

    2. Lol!!!! Omg....Chantel I'm jealous of all of those bonuses bc this wasn't the week for those in our house! :-/ Just kidding! Do your thang honey...one of the perks of being happily married!

  8. Ladies....so I set out this week with my plans all scheduled out to the tee. Guess what? My husband work schedule changes...messed all that up! However, I didn't let that stop me. The old me would have gotten worked up because things didn't happen the way I had planned...but the new me is saying whatever SATAN...you no longer dwell here! I wasn't able to get in all of my projects in but ya'll I continued to bless my husband with encouragements, waking up early to cook breakfast, and giving him bonuses left and right! I think he was wondering where was his wife...LOL

    [4.24.13]Wednesday, I chose to sneak some snacks in Marcus car so that he would have a nice snack on his way home from work. He has been working at a different store that is an hour away, so I figured a lovely and flirty note and snacks would do the trick. He enjoyed it very much! BONUS baby....

    [4.28.13]Must say that Marcus woke up early this morning very happy! BONUS...yall know that Proverbs 31 woman was up early.... LOL Also treated my husband out to Sunday brunch and we enjoyed hanging out talking and spending time with the boys.

    My goal is to implement project#15,19,21 this week and to continue to move forward and bless my husband all the time. I have seen so many changes in our relationships these last 21 days and I want to continue seeing this growth.

    You ladies are amazing! Chantel and I are so filled with joy that you took on this challenge and allowed God to move. Some of us my have varying experiences, but know that God is expecting progress and not perfection. Maybe your husband didn't respond as you wish or you are still struggling, continue to press no matter what. Remember that Satan wants to kill, steal, and destroy and he starts with your mind. If he can get you to think negatively then he can ATTEMPT to separate you from God. Remember that no one or nothing can separate you from the LOVE of GOD! I pray that you will continue this challenge, share with others, and perhaps join Chantel and I on our next adventure. We love you all and know that we are one call, one email, and one post away! Many Blessings!

    1. Woot Woot you are on it girl! You are right the OLD you would have THROWN IN THE TOWEL! ;-) But look how God has MOVED in your life. BONUS BONUS BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've truly enjoyed this challenge. I now find myself just doing it WITH a new mindset. Before I would grumble and complain in front of him. That's not being a blessing to him. So I am truly grateful for this and joining you along with the other ladies.

  9. Ladies....Tamera shared this with Chantel and I hope she doesn't mind if I share with you all! Very funny but shares the truth!

    The Husband Store
    A store that sells husbands has just opened in New York City, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates.
    "You may visit the store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights.
    There is, however, a catch: you may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building!"
    So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband...
    On the first floor the sign on the door reads: Floor 1 - These men have jobs.
    The second floor sign reads: Floor 2 - These men have jobs and love kids.
    The third floor sign reads: Floor 3 - These men have jobs, love kids, and are extremely good looking. "Wow," she thinks, but feels compelled to keep going.
    She goes to the fourth floor and the sign reads: Floor 4 - These men have jobs, love kids, are drop-dead good looking and help with the housework.
    "Oh, mercy me!" she exclaims, "I can hardly stand it!"
    Still, she goes to the fifth floor and sign reads: Floor 5 - These men have jobs, love kids, are drop-dead gorgeous, help with the housework, and have a strong romantic streak.
    She is so tempted to stay, but she goes to the sixth floor and the Sign reads:
    Floor 6 - You are visitor 31,456,012 to this floor. There are no men on this floor.
    This floor exists solely as proof that women are impossible to please.

    Thank you for shopping at the "Husband Store."

    1. Lol! I'm glad you shared! It was soooo funny! The wife I actually shared it with is one of my co-workers! She said it gave her a great laugh...something she really needed. However, at the same time, she instantly gained a little more appreciation for her husband! She realized that sometimes she allows little things to get her all bent out of shape instead of being grateful for the great man she has & being a blessing to him! Needless to say, after hearing about "The Husband Project", she will be starting this journey with a group of her friends! Isn't that a blessing!!!?

    2. Tamera...thanks for sharing. I think we are all guilty of being ungrateful at times and only focusing on the negative things our husbands do. We should appreciate everything..the good and the bad! Glad you shared project with your friend...its time to build marriages on a solid foundation...God! Thanks for hanging in there with us!

    3. Melly-I LOVED IT! Thanks Tamera for sharing as well. And look how God is blessing us to be a blessing to others.

  10. Good morning ladies! I apologize that I'm late posting but the weather was affecting our Internet connection last night. This past week was busy that I didn't complete every project. Who said it has to stop here though, right!!?? I will continue this week bc this journey has been so much fun & habit forming that I actually enjoy!
    For Project 20, I wrote out inspirational post-it notes before bed & woke up early the next morning to place them every where I knew he'd go before leaving for work...bathroom mirror, shower, closet, coffee maker, fridge & truck! He loved it & expressed how great it was to wake up to such kind words!
    For Project 18, I called him after work & said, "I'm not cooking...Let's go to Huck's Place!" That's his favorite & one of mine, too :-) so he was excited! We ate, talked, laughed & enjoyed the family night outing. When the waitress brought the check, I quickly scooped it up...he insisted on paying as usual but I told him this was on me...and thanked him for always being so great to us! He smiled all the way home! I scored some major bonus points but he had to get a raincheck due to Mother Nature! :-/ Lol! I always cook breakfast on Saturday mornings but this time I made sure it was ready before D woke up. I took it to him & he was grinning from ear to ear! I think I scored a touchdown with this one, too ladies! He'd cut the grass the evening before & as it got dark, he said he was exhausted & would clean up in the morning! Well, while he enjoyed his breakfast in bed, I went outside & trimmed the edging of the sidewalk then blew everything off from the evening before. He was SHOCKED when he came out to do it & saw that I'd already taken care of it....considering I can't stand outdoor work! I actually enjoyed it bc it helped him!
    I look forward to implementing my other projects this week as well as continuing to incorporate others! This journey has been awesome! I am grateful to have been invited to participate! I have placed greater value on not only my husband but our marriage as a whole! I pray continued blessings for each of you with much love!

    1. Tamera-you are in BEASTMODE! ;-) I really enjoy reading your post. I totally agree with you about these projects are habit forming EVEN before you reach the 21 day mark. I like how you stated you don't like outdoor work BUT you enjoyed it because it blessed your hubbby!

  11. Tamera, I'm so glad that you are having a great time implementing your projects! So good that you step outside your comfort zone to do the yard work for your husband. You were blessed with joy because you were doing it to be a blessing to your husband! I pray that you continue to allow God to use you to be the woman and wife he has called you to be. Prayfully, you will embark on future studies with us. Most importantly, share your testimony and this project with other woman. We are her to serve God and others!

  12. Hello Ladies
    This has been a fun adventure and I will continue to do these projects and add a few of my own.
    With project 15 it was time to clean out the”pj “and undies even though I hated to give up an old t-shirt that was very comfy. I didn’t have to buy anything new because I had lingerie with the tags still on them. Well, it took care of project 16 (It’s getting hot in here) and the shower and the BONUS round.
    Project 17. Playing Hooky. Well, it is hard to give him a day off or to hire some one to do his yard work. Personally, I am not going to bother the zero turn mower so I prayed to God to show me something to do for him outside. Glen had said that the gate needs to be put back on the deck. I took it upon myself to fix it. So that evening when he got ready to go out in the backyard, he noticed that he couldn’t just walk down the steps because the gate was there. He called me outside and asked me “who did it” and I am thinking “it wasn’t you”. The reason that I said that because it took some time and patience and being patience is not one of his cups of tea... He was so impressed and with a big smile, He said that I did a great job and thanks me. Since, I have been at home, I have became a quite the “handy woman”.
    Project 18: Dinner‘s on me. It was a Friday and I always say I need a day off. Well, it ended up being three of us (Jasmine) out for dinner. He didn’t eat his favorite (lemon pepper chicken but wanted whole catfish). We had a great time. It gave us a time to catch on some things going on with Jasmine. Project 20: We both ended up telling him how much we appreciate him. We had a blessed night.
    Well, I must say that I will complete project 21 on Tuesday. We will watch NCSI (LL Cool J) together and I will pop some popcorn. Also, project 19 Breakfast in Bed is something my hubby will not do. I took it to him and he was at the table in 3 minutes. I will have to come up with another plan.
    I pray that we will continue to bless our husbands and we can see a change in our attitudes. Also, that we will continue to post on the blog to give each other some encouragements words.
    I love you my sister in Christ,

    1. Mom....glad to hear that you are doing so well with the projects! You and glen love that shower....LOL/OMG... I love how you are doing things he really doesn't expect you to do...fixing the gate was a great one! (Now Kaleb won't fly off into the yard..lol) I pray that you continue to allow God to move in your marriage and to keep going with these projects. We love you and thanks for taking this first challenge with us!

    2. Uh mom, I agree with Melly about that shower! Thanks for reminding us to use the other bathroom, or is it both??? LOL I am glad you're working towards your projects with an open mind and heart. We all know our hubbys and what works for them. For example, you know he doesn't like breakfast in bed, however you cooked it, he ate/enjoyed it. Continue to allow God to move in your marriage. He will take care of it all. Love ya!

  13. Ladies, I pray that all is well! Sorry for the delay but Chantel and I wanted to announce that the winner of the challenge is........
    {Tamera Mayfield} - Way to go! (please forward chantel your mailing address...please)
    Thanks to all the ladies for participating and we pray that everyone embarks on our next challenge! Pray that you all are still using your challenges and allowing God to move. Be blessed!

  14. WhooooHooo! I never win anything...seriously...so I am beyond elated! To reiterate myself & each of you that said it as well, this challenge was great! I've been busy sticking to the projects & I'm so pleased with the positive energy that has been added to our marriage! Chantel, I'm sending you my address! Thanks again ladies & be blessed!

  15. WhooooHooo! I never win anything...seriously...so I am beyond elated! To reiterate myself & each of you that said it as well, this challenge was great! I've been busy sticking to the projects & I'm so pleased with the positive energy that has been added to our marriage! Chantel, I'm sending you my address! Thanks again ladies & be blessed!