April 7, 2013

{THP} Planning Session/Feeback


How are you doing this wonderful Sunday evening?  Are you excited about our start date tomorrow?  Well...let's get excited for God's blessings for our marriages!  When you have time, we've added a prayer for you all, read The Power of a Praying Wife.

We want to devote this post strictly for planning for our project sessions.  We are suggesting that you review all the projects for one week, this way you can plan better, rotate projects around if needed, and ask questions, inquire about project ideas, leave feedback,etc.  Please don't forget to download the planner here.

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  1. Hubby may be home late, so at lunch I prepared a nice meal for him, placed it on the tv tray, and ensured Sportscenter was on when he walked in the door. ;-)

  2. My hubby loved flying/shopping for rc helicopters before we got married. Financial hardships caused that hobby to be pushed to the back burner. Since the weather is nice, I went to our storage unit and got his helicopter and texted him to meet me at the park. He had the biggest childish grin on his face while we sat and flew helicopters. Made a small picnic and talked for hours....until the ants found us lol. He said.....I'd forgotten how much fun this was! Score! !!!

  3. Look at you Maegan....great idea! I know you were thrilled to see his face! Amazing....keep it up!