April 1, 2013

The Husband Project Challenge

Ladies, thank you for joining in on The Husband Project Challenge!  Chantel and I are super excited about this study and beginning the ministry that God has placed in our hearts. We are passionate about marriages and helping others experience all the blessings that God has called for marriages.

So what is this project? Do you feel like your marriage has gone from "I do" to "What did I do?" Recapture the romance that made you and your husband fall in love in the first place. The Husband Project provides 21 days of fun activities to show love and honor to your husband.  Kathi Lipp will help you discover:

*Proven ways to return fun and flirting to your marriage.
*Inner assurance to meet your husband’s unspoken emotional needs.
*Increased confidence when it comes to meeting your husbands sexual needs.
*New levels of warmth and tenderness in your relationship.
*A deeper sense of security with your husband.
*A greater ability to boost your husband’s belief in himself.

As part of the challenge, we would like to make this experience fun and exciting!  Throughout the challenge, we will tasks you all to complete various tasks.  For each completed task, you will get your name added to the giveaway drawing.  That's right...the more you complete...the more chances you have!  Chamel's Creations and Chantel Jones Photography are sponsoring a giveaway that includes a Sequoia Large Clutch from Chamel's Creations, $25 gift card, "The Respect Dare" by Nina Roesner , and a surprise gift!

So here are the rules and guidelines:
*This is a group challenge, so we all will hold each other accountable during this experience!
*Strive to be transparent...the best way to learn and grow in Christ!
*We will use this blog for challenge interaction. (Posts will be filed under Empowering through God's Word --> Marriage - God's Way!)
*Strive to check and leave comments at least 1 - 2x weekly. (Participation is key to success!)
(Encourage you to use email account, but use Name/URL feature to post your name with each contact)
*You can also utilize "Subscribe by email" feature on each post to receive updates on follow-up comments

1)Email Chantel Jones at chantelmjones@yahoo.com to confirm participation. (Email used as backup communication)
2)Week 1 (April 1 - 7): Read at least to page 57 and review covenant (page 33).  Once completed, leave a comment to this post acknowledging completion and acceptance of covenant. (ex. "Let's expect greater for our marriages!  Challenge #1 completed!")
**Complete all tasks and name will be added to drawing!**

Remember, "The Husband Project is as much about changing our attitudes as it is about blessing our husbands."

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  1. Ladies...I pray that you are getting excited about the challenge and it looks like we are in for some fun and exciting projects!

    To make sure I'm abiding by the rules, I have read and accepted the terms and covenant of this challenge! Let's expect greater for our marriages!

  2. The look on my hubby's face yesterday was priceless!! I look forward to seeing that more with this challenge! I have read and accepted the terms and covenant of this challenge! Let's expect greater for our marriages!Reply

  3. Hey Ladies! It's truly a blessing to begin this journey with you. Every time Chamel and I discuss this challenge and the overall goal for this ministry, we get super excited and loose track of time. ;-) One morning we were up at 2:15am thinking of you. God established marriage as His earthly example of His relationship with the church and He chose us! Hallelujah!!!!!

    I accept this challenge with an open mind and heart ready to receive from the Lord! (fist pump for marriages)

  4. I have accepted the covenent and I cannot wait until the discussions begin.

  5. IslandGurl AggieApril 6, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    I have read and accepted the terms and covenant of this challenge.

    This first week by far has been FUN-ny! looking forward to and expecting a great marriage with God in the midst of it all! :-)

  6. I have both read & accepted the terms and covenant of this challenge. I am excited & looking forward to this 21 day journey with you ladies!

  7. I have read and accepted ther terms and convenant of this challenge! Really looking forward to the great things in store for our marriages! Praying for and with all of you throughout this journey! :-)

  8. I have read and accepted the terms and convenant of this challenge. I am looking forward to seeing how God will get the glory. Looking forward in sharing with you all. Be Blessed

  9. OMGoodness I have had the worst issues trying to post and here I am FINALLY :) I have read and accepted the terms and covenant of this challenge. I am super nervous and excited to see what I am capable of for the next 21 days!

    1. Glad to see you here.....you are capable of anything through Christ Jesus...so lets get it! :)