April 18, 2013

Spring Crushes!

I'm excited about the Spring Crush Link-up I'm participating in with Maria-Isabel over at Agape Love Designs.  Hope you enjoy reading my spring crushes and join in on the fun!

Crush-Crush (Real life Crush.. Probably your husband or boyfriend):
So of course this is My AWESOME AND LOVING HUSBAND Marcus!  We were high-school sweet hearts and now lifetime crushers with one another :)' ......going on seven years strong!  Love you sweetie!

Girl Crush (We all have them, girls we just adore!):
I like the characteristics of these women combined to include their strength, fierceness, fit bodies, and kick butt attitudes! Mary J Blige, Beyonce, and Angelina Jolie....You ladies rock!

Voice Crush (We can listen to them all day long!):
So I am a fan of gospel and contemporary christian music and I MUST listen to it daily to keep me going and spiritually fed.  I love Israel Houghton, Mary Mary, and Chris Tomlin!  I also enjoy soulful R&B and I really love the style and music of India Arie!  She has a great voice that can lift your spirits any day!

Bloggy Crush (Celeb Status Bloggers!):
I'm new to the blogging world, so I have learned a lot about running an handmade business and great life/inspirational posts from Maggie of Gussy Sews.  She has an awesome blog and shop!  Please check her out!

Due to my love for natural hair, I love Nikki of Curly Nikki!  This is a great one stop place for everything about natural hair!

Childhood Celeb Crush(s) (This should be a funny one!):
I was totally in love with Will from "The Fresh Prince"...well I guess I still have a crush... :)'

Product / Hair Crush (Major Hair Envy):
I put these two together because I love NATURAL hair!  I've been natural for over three years and the journey has been fun!  My favorite and must have product is Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in conditioner!  I don't have a particular person in mind as my hair crusher, but I love big and curly natural hair and I'm striving to get there! 

Sports Crush (could be a person or an actual sport):
Not a real sports girl, but I don't mind having some Cam Newton eye candy...LOL

Shame Crush (Someone it might be embarrassing to admit you have/had a crush on):
Currently, I don't have a shame crush... 

Fictional Character Crush (Book/Movie/Tv):
I am a Grey's Anatomy fan and must say that I tune in every Thursday to see Dr. Avery (Jesse Williams) and of course to stay current on this awesome show! :)'

(***Disclaimer:  images are not mine and all images were found on google...)

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I'd love for YOU to participate in this fun link up! Below you will find some Crush ideas to share, as well as a button to include in your post! Then come link up your own crush post and visit/comment a few others who have linked up. Im sure they will return the favor!

Crush-Crush (Real life Crush.. Probably your husband or boyfriend):
Girl Crush (We all have them, girls we just adore!):
Voice Crush (We can listen to them all day long!):
Bloggy Crush (Celeb Status Bloggers!):
Childhood Celeb Crush(s) (This should be a funny one!):
Product Crush:
Sports Crush (could be a person or an actual sport):
Shame Crush (Someone it might be embarrassing to admit you have/had a crush on):
Hair Crush (Major Hair Envy):
Fictional Character Crush (Book/Movie/Tv):

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  1. Love this! Jeese Williams is basically perfection.

    1. Thanks Tessa for checking out my crushes...this was super fun!

  2. Hey chickee and fellow co-host of the $50 giveaway :)
    Happy I found your blog now and sure am a new follower!


  3. Chamel, this is too cute! Last Saturday I was looking through old pics and I ran across our Senior Class Memories book! I was reading all the things I wrote ans I saw a spot that said "who was the cutest couple" I put Chamel and Marcus! Awww and look at you guys now, married with 2 beautiful children!! I am glad that you guy's love is stronger today than ever before.

    1. Jessica...thanks for the comment! Marcus and I were just talking about high school and that we didn't have no idea we were going to be blessed like this! This journey has been amazing and we are enjoying the ride! Be blessed!